Happy New Year!

2022 finds me in new places with new challenges. The world is still a malaise of pandemic-induced frustration but, as always, we hope for the best as we prepare for the worst.

Relocated my Seattle-area home and studio to the refreshing, lush and serene Kitsap peninsula across the Sound. Olalla, Washington to be more specifc; the name that rolls off the tongue is from native jargon for "berry". While I will always have love for what I consider my hometown, it feels like a ton of stress and angst has slid off my back by moving less than an hour away from the big city. I'm sure Seattle won't miss me as it is pulled kicking and screaming into the realization that it has become a big city with all the big city problems. And we don't need to talk about the traffic ...

Hope to get back to work doing what I love once I get settled.

Wishing you the best light in 2022!